This is not a comprehensive list, of everything that’s available, but these are things that I use regularly.

Tools and Equipment
Project Bags
Independent Yarn Dyers

Tools and Equipment

  • Tally Counters These tally counters make great row counters. They’re sturdy, and have a 4-digit display – more than you’ll ever need for knitting! I also like the finger ring. I usually tie a bit of the yarn I’m using to it. That way, if my counter gets separated from my knitting, I know which project it belongs to. Let’s face it; how many of us only have one project on the go at a time?
  • Wooden Sock Blockers Not everyone blocks their socks, but if you do, these blockers are great. You can buy the different sizes individually, or a set of 3.
  • Sock Ruler Very useful for both toe-up and cuff-down socks, especially if you are knitting socks for someone who can’t try them on. This one is small enough to fit into most sock project bags.
  • Wooden Sock Ruler I particularly like this sock ruler as it has reference charts of shoe size dimensions for men and women in fractional inch and cm dimensions for both UK and EU shoe sizes. At almost 12″ long, this ruler is quite long so it won’t fit easily into a sock project bag.
  • Stitch Markers I love these stitch markers and have loads! In addition to the knitting stitch markers, I have quite a lot of crochet markers too. In addition to using them on crochet, I like to use them as progress keepers as I find the fastening much easier to deal with than the crab claw fasteners.
  • Chiaogoo Knitting Needles I buy mine from Purlescence They usually have plenty of stock and are very competitive on price. They have lots of other goodies, including yarn, for your knitting and crochet pleasure.
  • Meadow Yarn I have purchased Hiya Hiya and Knit Pro needles here. They also stock Clover crochet hooks – my favourites. Again, they sell lots of other useful bits and bobs; it’s well worth browsing.
  • Lazadas Blocking Wires I love these so much! I originally had a set of KnitPro rigid wires, that quickly became bent out of shape. I decided to invest in these and they’re brilliant. They are very flexible; particularly good for blocking crescent shaped shawls. I love the fact that the whole set of wires is stored in a small bag; it takes up no space at all. The only thing I didn’t like was the T-pins that were included. I felt they were too short and they kept snagging in the yarn. As I already had a big packet of longer T-pins, it wasn’t a major problem.

Project Bags

I have bought project bags from all of these makers. All were well made and beautifully finished. Not all are in the UK, some are in Europe. Obviously, if ordering from Europe, the post takes a little longer to arrive, but you don’t have to worry about incurring additional VAT charges (or the exorbitant admin fees charged to collect it).

  • Lowland Originals Renee makes gorgeous project bags in a variety of sizes. She also takes custom orders, if you don’t see what you want in her shop. If you’re into journalling, she also makes bags to keep your journal and supplies in. Renee is based in The Netherlands, so you won’t be liable for VAT if purchasing from the UK.
  • BusyPottering Annie is in the UK and offers a range lovely project bags in different sizes. She also takes custom orders.
  • DKfromlinen Large project bags made from linen. These are suitable for 2 or 3 skein projects. You can request custom orders. Based in Lithuania, which is in the EU (specifically stating this, because I had to look it up to check!).
  • ManaKori Small or medium sized project bags, made by Eleni, who is based in Greece.
  • Shopdaisystitches Made by Debbie, in the UK. She offers a range of different sized project bags, and also makes notions pouches. She takes custom orders.
  • JoandEms A variety of different sized project bags, made in the UK by a mother and daughter team, Jo and Emily.
  • quincepie A wide range of hand made goodies for both knitters and crocheters, made by Elaine, in the UK. I haven’t bought project bags from her, but I have had a couple of her needle cases, both interchangeable and DPN. Custom orders are available.

Independent Yarn Dyers

I have bought beautiful yarn from all the following sellers. Most sell hand dyed yarn; a few sell hand spun yarn. Unless otherwise noted, they are UK based.