I Bought A Loom!

I’ve looked lovingly at woven projects for a long time. Weaving looked interesting, but didn’t feel like something that was particularly accessible to me. I had an image in my head of huge looms that took up lots of space, and cost as much as a small car to buy. I was actually looking for a basic spinning class (something that seems to be non-existent around here) when I noticed that Wingham Wool Work was running a one day course as a taster for weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom. After I’d toddled off to find out what a rigid heddle loom actually was, I signed up for the course!

I was excited about doing the course, but a little wary too; sometimes, we think we’re going to love something and then we try it and hate it. That didn’t happen at all. The day wasn’t long enough! I came away with a 32″ rigid heddle loom which I was intending to put on a spare desk in the computer room… after I’d cleared all the junk off it. The only problem with that is that the desk turned out to be just 30″ wide. It also wasn’t the best place really; warping would have involved taking the loom into a different room – a lot of faffing about. So I bit the bullet and ordered a stand and set about clearing out what used to be my craft space in the bedroom.

We live in a very old house that was converted into 4 smaller houses over a hundred years ago. This means that we have long narrow rooms, and all our windows are at the front. Our bedroom is almost 25′ long, but barely 12′ wide and with the door and chimney breast it means that we can only have the bed at the window end. We have some bookcases and dressers at the other end, but there’s still loads of space. I’d had a major clear out about 5 years ago and had an easy chair in there and used to sit and crochet in there. Over the years, yarn acquisition had encroached on the space; basically, it was full of bags of yarn! I no longer had space to put up my folding table that I used for sewing.

I had 14 bags of yarn (don’t judge me!). Dunelm Mills sell boxes in packs of 3 for £10. I reckoned that I would get more than a bag’s worth in a box and, hopefully, have a couple of boxes left over for wips. It turns out that a 32L box doesn’t accommodate all the 4ply you can stuff into a very large Morrisons shopping bag. It turned out that I actually needed 18 boxes for my yarn and I still have a bag of yarn tucked behind the chair.

My craft spaceHowever, I do now have a lovely space in our bedroom to work in. I can sit in the chair again, and my loom is on its stand. I also have plenty of room to put up my folding table so I hope to do some sewing in the near future.

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