20152015 Has been quite the year and seems to have flown by. I started the year obsessed with crochet, having finally got the hang of it in 2014. In 2015 I started flexing my knitting muscles again and soon got back into it. I’m finding that I like ‘quick knit’ projects like shawls and socks, but prefer crochet for bigger projects, particularly blankets. At the end of 2015 a lot of people on Instagram were compiling a collage of their 9 most-liked photos. I decided to compile 9 projects from 2015 that were particularly meaningful to me in some way.

Top Left Depths of Change This was a pattern test and certainly the most challenging project I had ever crocheted. When I picked out my colours, I didn’t have any real idea about what the end result would look like. I was so pleased with how it turned out.

Top Centre Ishneich Shawl If Depths of Change was my crochet piece de resistance for 2015, this project was it’s knitting equivalent. I made this for a friend who was down in the dumps and lives a long way away from me. She’d mentioned that she no longer knitted because it makes her hands hurt, so I though it would be nice to make something for her. I wanted to make something special and this pattern fitted the bill perfectly. It starts out simply enough. It’s made top down and is mostly stocking stitch with a garter stitch accent. Then I got to the border and the fun began! The right-side rows of that border took at least an hour each and most of the wrong-side rows weren’t much faster as many of them are patterned too, although not as much. When I worked on the border I had to concentrate on it 100% – no TV or even radio. Incredibly I didn’t make any mistakes! I was delighted with how beautiful it looked once it was blocked. My friend liked it too 🙂 I think she had a bit of a pang when I asked for her work address so I could send her something I’d made for her. I think she was picturing a Weasley-type sweater, hehe.

Top Right Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves These were made for my eldest, Jamie, and it’s one of those projects that looks amazing, but is so easy it feels like cheating. They virtually made themselves and I feel slightly embarrassed at all the compliments they received.

Middle Left Sleeveless Pineapple Top This is another project I made for Jamie. I nearly passed out when I opened the pattern; there’s reams of it. My first thought was if it was too late to cancel the order for the yarn! After some emergency chocolate, I took another look at it. Most of the pattern is taken up with charts for the various sizes. Once I started making it, it flew off my hook. The pattern is very well written and easy to follow with written instructions and charts. I made this in less than a week and liked it so much, I made myself one too!

Middle Centre Barely There Rainbow Blanket This was made for the Deramores Competition and I enjoyed the whole process of designing it, making it and writing it up. Although I was thrilled to win a runners-up prize, this really was a case of it not being about the winning, but the taking part.

Middle Right Industrial Colonnade This is such a simple pattern by Stephen West, but it was the perfect pattern to showcase this gorgeous yarn by Countess Ablaze. The yarn is a camel/silk mix and is just so soft. I couldn’t stop fondling it! I loved the colours in it and knew that I was going to keep whatever I made with it. The finished scarf drapes wonderfully and it’s warm and cosy but has a lovely sheen. It looks so classy… not like me at all 🙂

Bottom Left Not So Misty This was made for the #autumnshawlswap2015 on Instagram. I so enjoyed the swap. The way it worked was we all completed a questionnaire then we were sent the questionnaire of somebody else and made a small shawl for them. Your questionnaire wasn’t given to the person you were making a shawl for, somebody else made a shawl for you and who that person was, was a mystery until you received your shawl. I really enjoyed researching patterns and yarns for this project. I also received a beautiful crocheted shawl and it was such a thrill to receive something that somebody else had made for me.

Bottom Centre Zigzagular Socks I have long wanted to make a pair of socks and I finally made some in 2015. This is the first (actually, the only) fancy pair I made for myself. The quest for warm feet is well underway as I have now made myself 7 pairs (as well as a pair for Jamie and a pair for David). Winwick Mum demystified socks and has created a sock monster.

Bottom Right Autumnal Corner-to-Corner This blanket is one of my favourites. It’s still for sale on Etsy, and there’s still a part of me that hopes it never sells, because I love the colours so much. As an aside, I did recently sell a blanket on Etsy, the blue corner-to-corner mentioned in this post. Amazingly, the woman who bought it liked it so much, she asked me to make her another one!

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