A Place For Everything

Mandala Style Place MatsI finally sewed in the ends of the place mats I made for my Mum for Christmas. I made these back in September and they have been sitting on my desk waiting to be finished ever since! The pattern is a free pattern by Swedish blogger, Kajsa, on her blog, Stitches and Supper. You can find the pattern here: Mandala Style Place Mats.

Mandala Style Place MatI’d originally intended to do six mats. I chose the colours because Mum loves poppies and has quite a poppy theme going on in her living room. It’s a happy coincidence that these colours also work as Christmas colours. After a test run with a mat made on a 3.5 mm hook, I realised that I needed to go down a hook size. Not only was my mat huge, it was also quite floppy. I think that the stiffer fabric I got with a 3 mm hook works much better for a place mat.

Mandala Style Place MatMy Mum’s dining table is quite small, so I just worked 19 rounds of the pattern, which gave me a mat 10.5″ across. After I’d worked two mats, I changed up the colour order. I was surprised at how different the new order looked, but I really liked it. I was thinking about doing 2 mats in 3 different colour orders, but my Mum’s table is quite small and I doubt she’ll ever have 6 people sitting at it, so I stopped at 4 mats, 2 in each colour order. I’m really pleased with how they turned out. Hopefully, Mum will be too!

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