Must Knit Faster!

Jamie's SocksI’m working overtime with the sharp pointy sticks! When Jamie saw my Tiger Feet socks, he asked if I would make him a pair of socks. My second pair were much better than the first ones and these flew off the needles. He loves them, which is nice. He picked out some Phildar Folk 100 I had in my stash; I bought this in a Deramores sale last year and have a couple of balls of it. I see a pair in my future sometime soon! That these match is a complete accident. It never even occurred to me to match up my yarn and start the second sock from the same point in the colour repeat. I only noticed that they match when I blocked them!

Kingfisher SocksNext up was another pair for me. These socks match on purpose 🙂 I made these with Signature 4 Ply from West Yorkshire Spinners. This is Kingfisher from their Country Birds colour range. I love how these came out and the summery blue and yellow is the perfect antidote to the grey, wet weather we’ve been having lately. This yarn felt very plump and soft and was just lovely to work with. I might have bought several balls in different colour ways. Watch this space.

I feel like I finally mastered the magic loop technique with this pair and eliminated the fine line I was getting down the side of each sock with the help of this video. For me, I wasn’t getting a ladder, but there was a perceptible line and I’ve found that making sure that my RH needle goes under the cable for the first stitches makes all the difference; it means that my new stitches snug up to the older stitches.

Zigzagular SocksNow that I’m feeling comfortable with the basic sock pattern, I decided to get a little more adventurous. These are Zigzagular Socks, a free pattern on Ravelry. These proved to be the ideal pattern as they’re pretty much the same sock pattern as the basic socks, but with a decorative panel in them. Like Jamie’s socks, these are made with Phildar Folk100, but a different colour way. This looked pretty uninspiring in the ball, but I loved it as the colours and stripes started to emerge.

Toe-Up SocksThe next pair will be for David. I’m going right out of my comfort zone with toe-up socks, although I’m not brave enough yet to try two at a time! This yarn is a little thicker, a sport weight instead of 4 ply. They should make up a little quicker.

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