If At First You Don’t Succeed…

V-Stitch RippleFrog it and make something else! I started making this V-Stitch Ripple last week. I loved the colours of the original and I like the effect that using a v-stitch added to the ripple. Sadly, it wasn’t to be. The pattern suggests not cutting the yarn, but carrying it up the sides. I was struggling to manage 5 balls, so decided to cut my yarn and sew in the ends. After a couple more repeats, I realised that the ends were going to be a mare to sew in; there would be hundreds of them and while a v-stitch looks lovely, it’s a horrible stitch to sew the ends into, as I already know. So, I bit the bullet and frogged it. I hate frogging things. It feels like such a failure.

Square 1I’ve been looking at patterns a lot recently. My niece wants me to make a blanket that she can give to a friend of hers. That was how I came across the V-Stitch Ripple in the first place. We haven’t found anything we agree on yet. She occasionally sends me a link to something beautiful and complex and I can see months of my life vanishing before my eyes! I love her dearly and if she wanted it for herself, I wouldn’t jib, but I don’t want to spend 100+ hours labouring over something for a complete stranger. Anyway, while searching for the perfect pattern, I came across this blanket on Ravelry. The One That Got Away uses just 5 colours so it was a simple matter to swap them out for my colours.

Square 2It’s made using Julie Yeager’s Eight Pointed Flower. I don’t think Julie has come up with a pattern that I don’t like. They are always beautiful and having made up a couple of her squares, I’ve found her patterns to be well written and easy to follow. The Eight Pointed Flower is actually a simple pattern to work. There’s a 9″ version with the option of additional rounds to make it 12″ (in aran/worsted weight yarn). I am working to the pattern for the 9″ square, then adding 3 plain rounds as working the additional rounds in a granny stitch made things skew quite badly.

Square 3I’ve decided to use the Celtic Lace Join, a technique I’ve had my eye on for a long time. I think it looks fantastic. I had to fudge the numbers slightly to fit my square and it took me a few goes to get the balance right. My first attempts were ruffling quite badly and I had to play with my outer rounds to set up the correct stitch count, but I’m pleased with the result. It was well worth the effort. I’ve put the edging on the first square but will only add it to the others at the end, when I’ve decided on my final layout. My squares come out at 11″ (with the edging), so a 24-square blanket should be a good size, once I have a border on it.

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