Blanket pre-processing

Blanket photo, pre-processing.

You know how sometimes you come across a solution to a problem and you just have to tell someone about it, because it’s fabulous? I’ve had a morning like that. One of the reasons it’s taken me so long to get around to listing my blankets on Etsy is I was struggling to get good photos of them. This weekend, I got my arse in gear and bought some cheap white sheets to throw over the bead and cover up the stripey duvet cover. The results were better, but not as good as I’d hoped for. The sheets creased and crumpled and the creases were really visible in the photos, even after ironing (well, I ironed the top one; I didn’t want to go mad and ruin my reputation!). I’m sure there are ways for me to deal with it in Paint Shop Pro, but I’ve always had trouble selecting the areas I want to deal with, plus I didn’t want to spend hours faffing about.

Blanket post-processing

Blanket photo, post-processing.

Today I found the answer; a web tool called FotoFuze. You do need to have taken your photo on a light, relatively smooth background, but I’d already done that, so I was good to go. All you do is upload your photo, use the highlight tool to select your object (and shadows), then press a button to process your photo. It almost took longer to type that out than to process a photo and the results are fantastic. It’s so easy to use that even the graphically challenged, like me, can use it and get good results.

My photos looks so much better. I noticed that the colours in the blanket look a lot brighter. I’d had to mess around with the colour saturation on some photos as the colours looked quite dull so, in future, I will just resize and put them through FotoFuze first, then adjust the saturation, if necessary.

2 thoughts on “FotoFuze

  1. Eline @ Pasta & Patchwork says:

    What a great find! For little things I tend to steal my son’s little white IKEA table, but I’ve been struggling with photos of bigger items as well. Our kitchen floor is a fairly even yucky beige, so I bet this would work on that. Thanks for the tip!


    • Shelagh says:

      I love FotoFuze 🙂 I sometimes struggle to get the shadows to look right, sometimes it’s a bit of trial and error with the highlighter. It’s worth trying the different backgrounds too.


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