When Hell Freezes Over

Lava BlanketWhen hell freezes over, I will have the perfect blanket! I used a block stitch and made this one in the round. I started the rounds in the corner and avoided the problem with the step effect I’d had on the Beachcomber Blanket. Aren’t those colours just fabulous? Like the Beachcomber Blanket, this one is made from DROPS Big Delight, this time in the Lava colour way. The colours are so warm, it’s like someone crushed up hot coals and spun them into wool. The DROPS sale is on until the end of the week and I’m having to sit on my hands not to order more. There’s a little devil sitting on one shoulder, whispering ‘Go on, it’s lovely. Get more.‘ The Voice of Reason is on my other shoulder, shouting ‘MORE?!’, like Mr Bumble from Oliver Twist.

I’ve listed this blanket on Etsy. I’m feeling slightly guilty that part of me hopes it doesn’t sell. That way I get to keep it. Of course, I can’t use it because someone might buy it. It’s folded up and tucked away in the organza bag that the wool came in. When I decided to make blankets to sell, I hadn’t expected some of them to be so hard to part with. I like all the blankets I make; if I hated a blanket, I’d never get it finished. The majority of them, I’ve been happy to list. I enjoyed making them and I like the thought of someone else enjoying them. But there are a couple that I will be really sad to part with. This one and the autumnal corner-to-corner. Autumnal corner-to-cornerI just love the colours so much. It matters not one whit that I don’t need them, that I rarely use the blankets I have made for myself, because I’m such a hot body these days. (Menopause, how I do love you – you’ve saved me a fortune on the heating bill.)

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