You Could Knock Me Down With A Feather!

Deramores Runner UpAlmost 2 months ago I posted about the Barely There Rainbow blanket I made for the Deramores competition. This afternoon, I had a lovely surprise in my Inbox; an email informing I’ve been chosen as a runner up in the competition! Chuffed hardly begins to describe it. I enjoyed the whole process, so much that by the time I finished my blanket, the competition had almost become secondary. There have been so many fabulous entries, that I never seriously considered that I would get any prize at all.

I feel like I should do an acceptance speech now 😉 A big thank you to Heather at The Patchwork Heart for what was a truly inspirational post and to Selma, for an inspirational blanket. Thank you to everyone in the Official CCC Social Group on Facebook – I have learned so much in this group and everyone is always so supportive. Last but not least, a big thank you to everyone in the I Love Crochet Afghans Group on Ravelry – a source of much encouragement and enthusiasm. Every blanket’s a winner in this group! I suppose I’d better go and sew the ends in on that blanket now.

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