A Tale of Two Bags

Knitting BagIt’s been a mixed week. I finally got around to making myself a large knitting bag. I used the same format as the previous bags, except I used a large piece of fabric instead of strips. Knitting Bag As you can see from the second photo, there’s room for a large ball of wool, half of a 5′ square blanket with room to grow! It ended up at 13″ wide, 7″ deep and 16″. This bag also has a large pocket the spans the full width of the bag, with a divider up the middle.

I was beginning to think I’d never get this one done. I started on Monday and it was all going well until I ran out of black thread about 1/3 of the way through the quilting. As it was a bank holiday, I had no choice but to wait until Tuesday for thread. I usually go to my mum’s on a Tuesday so child #1 was given thread-buying insturctions as he was going to Maltby anyway. I got home, all ready to carry on with my bag only to find that the shop was out of black thread, but expecting a delivery at teatime. Foiled again! My knitting bag was finally finished on Wenesday.

Turning Japanese BagSadly, my second bag of the week isn’t destined to have a happy ending. I have long admired this little Turning Japanese bag, but was put off having to order the handles from China as he delivery times can be so long. Then I got a newsletter from Bag Clasps saying they had started stocking them – how could I resist? Unfortunately, while the grommet handles look fantastic, they are incredibly fiddly to fit – well beyond my limited dexterity. I can’t see how these can be attached without having 3 pairs of hands. This little bag was shaping up so nicely, I’m loathe to just chuck it out, partly because there’s about £18 worth of fabric, fleece and interfacing in it. I’ll take it to my quilting class and see if anything can be salvaged from it but I might just have to chalk it up to experience.

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