Blankets Are like Buses…

Giant Granny SquaresYou wait ages, then two come along at once! I should have waited until I finished my corner-to-corner before starting this one, but the colours were calling to me. I couldn’t resist, so I’ve been working on both of them. I wish I could claim a wonderful eye for colour and say that I looked over my stash and picked out these colours, but the truth is this combination was a happy accident. All my Stylecraft Special DK is stuffed into organza bags in a closet. I glanced in one day and noticed that stuffed down in the bottom corner of one bag were these four colours: spice, saffron, lemon and sherbet. They just looked so good together!

Border & JoinFor previous blankets I’ve used a join-as-you-go technique, but this time I decided to use a flat braid join. It was very simple to do and very quick, too. It also meant that everything was ready to do the blocky border around the edge. Overall, I’m very pleased with the end result. I think it’s a colour combination I’ll use again, maybe with a little turquoise and apricot added in. Next up is another test for Frank O’Randle – the pattern is Blocks of Change and they look fantastic. Watch this space!

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