Not Enough Hours In The Day

Hello Fall Tote BagI’m beginning to wonder how I ever found the time to hold down a full time job! So much yarn, so little time… and then there’s the sewing. I sprained my ankle quite badly at the end of March. I’m embarrassed to admit that I fell off the doorstep, and even more embarrassed to admit that I was stone-cold sober at the time. The only saving grace was that there were no witnesses to see me go arse-over-tit and spend the next 5 minutes rolling around on the grass swearing like a sailor, on the verge of tears. I spent the next hour melting a packet of frozen peas on my ankle, and it was remarkably effective in keeping the bruising and swelling to a minimum. Thankfully, I have my own private nurse who has an impressive array of bandages and dressings in the boot of his car, so David strapped my ankle up as we were quite sure it wasn’t actually broken. I was almost disappointed – something that hurt that much, should have been broken! Fortunately, I had made my second bag earlier in the week. This one is the ‘deluxe’ version and I made it for my sister’s birthday. This one had quilting, an internal pocket and a magnetic snap.

Blue BlanketHaving my foot strapped up meant I couldn’t get around much (and I couldn’t drive) so I spent most of the next 3 weeks on the sofa crocheting like a fiend. I finished my brown corner-to-corner blanket, made my Barely There Rainbow blanket and completed another corner-to-corner blanket. Isn’t it gorgeous? This one is made from James C Brett Marble Chunky, a yarn I’ve wanted to try for some time. I’d seen it a couple of times at my local Knit ‘N Natter group, then I saw a corner-to-corner in it and just loved the self-striping effect. There are over 40 colours available – it was very hard to choose! I decided a change from my usual autumnal tones was in order and plumped for the blue. Although I used the same hook size (6.5 mm), this yarn isn’t quite as thick as the Riot Chunky. When I started, I wasn’t sure about it at all (in hindsight, I think that was because it felt quite different to what I’d been using before), but as it started to grow I quickly became quite besotted with it. It still makes a nice thick fabric, and it drapes beautifully. This one got ‘snooze tested’ about 3/4 done, and it passed with flying colours 🙂 The finished blanket is about 60″ x 60″ and I just love it.

Beach BagOnce my ankle was feeling better and I was able to swap the strapping for a support bandage, I was ready to embark on my first commission! My sister liked her bag so much, she asked me to make another one. This one was bigger as she wants to use it on holiday for carrying all her stuff to the beach. She asked for blues and greens and I opted for batik fabrics from Moda. I had great fun picking out all the fabrics. This was more of a challenge to make as the foam piece that the fabric was sewn to was much bigger. The finished bag was 20″ wide, 14″ high and 6″ deep. Again, it was quilted on the outside and I put a pocket and a snap on the inside. You can’t really see it, but I also put in a strip of fabric with a dog clip on, to attach a key ring to. You really do get a ‘ta-dah’ moment, right at the end when you attach all the parts and turn it the right way out. I was really pleased with this – and so was my sister 🙂

Giant Granny SquaresOn the crochet front, I’ve started another giant granny square blanket. I just need to join the squares and put a border on. This was a very spontaneous project. I just happened to glance inmy closet the other day and caught sight of one or the organza bags that I keep my Stylecraft stash in. Stuffed into one corner was the perfect colour combination! This blanket is just four colours: lemon, spice, sherbet and saffron. I’m not sure why, but these colours make me think of the seaside. I suppose they’re the kind of light, bright colours that are often used. I’m hoping to get this one finished at the weekend. I’ve also just finished another corner-to-corner blanket. I’ve gone for the James C Brett Marble Chunky again, but couldn’t resist reverting to autumnal tones again. It’s gorgeous, but I need to get some better pictures. Seeing as Deramores had 25% off James C Brett yarn this week, I might have ordered some more!

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