In The Brown Corner…

Brown BlanketI’ve made my first corner-to-corner blanket (c2c) and it’s absolutely luscious. I used King Cole Riot Chunky; I love the DK Riot, so was thrilled to discover they did it in a chunky weight, too. I’d seen this brown shade on Ravelry and was gutted to discover that it had been discontinued, then I struck gold on eBay and picked up 20 balls. I’d thought that maybe 20 balls was excessive, but this yarn is very thick and heavy and one ball doesn’t go very far at all. I ended up using 17 (and a smidge of ball 18) for this blanket.

Blanket BorderI used a free pattern that I found on Ravelry, the Spring into Summer Blanket. While all c2c patterns are worked in the same way, this pattern explained the technique particularly well and had lots of photos. Also the striking border caught my eye. It’s maybe a little ironic that I chose a pattern called Spring into Summer, then made it in my favourite autumnal colours! The border is incredibly easy to do, it’s just half double crochet all the way around, but worked into the back bumps of the previous round, instead of the top loops. I love the effect; it almost looks like a knitted stitch. The c2c gives such a nice neat edge, you could get away without a border at all, but I think this simple border frames it nicely, without being over the top.


As I had 20 balls of yarn, I decided to increase until I’d used 9 balls, then decrease (which I assumed would also use 9 balls) and use the last 2 balls for the border. Bizarrely, the 2nd half of the blanket only used 5 balls! As it turned out, this was a good thing, because I used 3 balls on the border. The finished blanket is 62″ x 62″, so a good size. It’s thick and heavy and soft and feels really decadent. I enjoyed making it so much, I’ve ordered some James C Brett Marble Chunky to make some more. I’ve had my eye on the Marble Chunky for a while and have been itching to get some. This seems the perfect project for it. I should get a similar-sized blanket for about half of what this one cost, so if the results are good, I might see if I can sell them.

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