Crochet Hook Cases

Fat QuartersI went to investigate a fabric shop in Sheffield at the weekend and came away with some beautiful fat quarters to make into crochet hook cases. I’ve accumulated quite a collection of Clover crochet hooks, both the Clover Amour and the Soft Touch, and they’re stuffed in a case meant for circular knitting needles. I found a simple pattern was all set to go.

Crochet Hook CasesMy first attempt was the pink one. I was really pleased with it, but 3/4″ turned out to be too narrow for the fatter handles of my hooks. I found the top flap crumpled up a bit when I rolled it up, so shaped the top of subsequent attempts. Case #2 was better. I made my pockets 1″ wide and this worked really well. It also leaves a slightly wider pocket at the end, which is just right for the really fat 12mm hook. My only mistake was to sew my pockets from the top down, which meant I got a little bit of ruffling at the bottom. Case #3, the red one, would have been perfect if I’d remembered to make the fold before I topstitched around the edge! Case #4, the blue roses, was where all my previous mistakes paid off and it came out just right 🙂 They will all get used. I have a set of steel crochet hooks that came in a really ugly case, so they will be rehoused. I have enough Clover hooks to need 2 cases and my favourites are #2 and #4. I’ll take the red one along to my local Knit n’ Natter – I’m sure someone will be willing to give it a good home.

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