Running Before I Can Walk

Bionic Gear BagHaving made a simple bag, I wanted to have a crack at something a little more challenging. I’d seen (and bought) the pattern for the Bionic Gear Bag Notions Tote months ago. It looked like a very useful bag to have for carrying my sewing paraphernalia to and from my quilting class. Up until now I’ve been using a small plastic box that Jamie used to keep coloured pencils in. I’ve outgrown it as I’ve acquired more stuff, but have resisted buying a sewing basket because I wanted this instead of a sewing basket. Having been so successful with my first bag, I decided to pick out some fabric and have a crack at it. As you can see, it was doable but it was a bit of a leap!

Bionic Gear Bag Notions ToteThe fabric for the outer, inner and side panels are all from the Cuckoo’s Calling range by Dashwood, and I picked a plain turquoise for the zip pockets. I bought all my fabric and the batting and interfacing from The Cotton Patch and was very impressed by how quickly everything arrived. In a happy accident, I miscalculated how much I needed for the inner and had twice as much as I needed. Then I realised that with the way I’d cut out all my pieces for the inner, the fabric would be running sideways and had to cut it all out again! The part I struggled with the most was fitting the side panels to the completed inner. It’s fiddly and bulky and gets more fiddly and bulkier the further along you get. I struggled with the binding a bit too. There were a few WTF moments as it didn’t go together in the way I’d expected at all and a few times I had to read the instructions, then go and have a cuppa and come back to it.


In the end, I have a pretty bag that will hold all my bits, including large shears, rotary cutter, box of wonder clips and a magnetic pin dish so I’m pretty pleased with myself. It took me two days and now I need to go and lie down in a darkened room to recover! My next project will definitely be simpler 🙂

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