Flying Solo

Quilted Tote BagHaving finished my first quilt, I decided it was about time I had a go at something on my own. Last summer, I treated myself to a layer cake and a jelly roll, both from the Hello Fall range by Moda. I came across a YouTube tutorial that seemed perfect for the jelly roll. The instructions in the videa are very clear and I had no trouble putting it together. The hardest part was cutting the fusible-backed foam to size. I needed a piece 15″ x 30″ and thought I’d done it, then measured again and I’d managed to cut it to 15″ x 24″! I’m not quite sure how that happened, but fortunately I’d bought a big piece with the intention of making more bags. The foam tends to slide about so I really didn’t enjoy cutting it but otherwise, everything was straight-forward.

Quilted Tote BagI took my time, taking a long break to nip to Knit & Stitch, where I do my quilting class, to pick up some fabric for the lining. I found a gorgeous colour that complemented my jelly roll well. When I got it home I realised it was by the same designer as the Hello Fall range, which would explain it! Turning everything the right way out was a bit fiddly, mainly because I’d left myself too small a gap. I had to unpick about an inch. I’m sure a gynaecologist would have managed it easily. All in all, I think I’ve done a pretty good job. It will make an excellent project bag for carrying my crochet or knitting when I go to my knit ‘n natter group.

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