My First Quilt

Completed QuiltI have finally finished my first quilt. I was beginning to think I’d never get it finished, I made such slow progress on it. That was partly because I am such a complete novice at sewing, I only dared work on it at my quilting class, on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s taken me 10 classes to make this and I’m quietly chuffed with the result. The finished quilt is 36″x36″ and has been snagged by Jamie to keep him warm when he’s on his computer in his icy garret (that might be a slight exaggeration of how cold it is in his attic bedroom). It has been pronounced soft and warm and fit for purpose 🙂

Quilt - front and backMy quilt was made with a Grant Park charm pack by Moda. I used co-ordinating fabrics from the range for the sashing, border, backing and binding. It might be a bit mad, but the part I’m proudest of is the binding. It was attached to the front using the machine but I had to hand sew it to attach the other edge to the back. I haven’t sewn anything by hand since I was about 6 and I was dreading it. Instead, I found that I really enjoyed doing it; it had that same hypnotic effect that crochet does. My stitches are tiny and neat and invisible. The only downside is that my elbow complained loudly the next day so I don’t think hand sewing is something I could do a lot of.

Knitting Sheep FabricI definitely want to do more sewing. My biggest problem is lack of confidence – I’m intimidated by the simplest sewing project. I think part of it is feeling that with sewing it’s much more likely to mess something up irrevocably. With knitting and crochet, work can be undone and re-worked but with sewing if you cut your pieces out and make a mistake, the whole thing can be ruined. My next project will be a knitting bag. When we went to Whitby last year I bought these fabrics with the intention of making some kind of project bag. I had no idea how much I needed so bought 2 yards of each, so probably have enough for 2 bags! Hopefully, I’ll have another completed project within a couple of weeks… or months 😉

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