Jamie’s Blanket

Jamie's BlanietWhen I posted the other day, I realised that I’d completely forgotten to post about the blanket I finished for Jamie. This blanket uses the same giant granny square pattern as the Cosy Blanket I made, but each square is identical. I used a heavier yarn – Vanna’s Choice, which is an american worsted weight yarn. This is similar to, but slightly heavier then, a UK aran weight yarn. I originally bought the VC for a CAL, but when I first tried it, it felt very thick and heavy and I wasn’t sure I liked it. Having made my Cosy Blanket in DK, it felt the same way but I persevered and quickly got used to it. I had eight colours in all. I’ve used 4 for Jamie’s blanket and will use the rest to make a blanket for Ewan, but that one will have to wait for a while; I need a change from squares.

I was very good and dealt with my ends as I finished each square. I was also able to join each square as I made it. I really enjoyed seeing the blanket form before my eyes – like doing a giant jigsaw puzzle 🙂 This hasn’t spent much time on Jamie’s bed. He’s a hot body and also has eczema so tries to keep cool in bed, but he spends a lot of time in his room now that he has his PC up there and, being an attic room, it can feel quite cold in the winter, even with the heating on. He wraps himself up in this when he’s on the computer and seems very pleased with it, which is nice to see.

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