Knit 1, Double Crochet 1

Penelope ShawlJanuary has been a busy month on the crafting front. I recently splashed out on some Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable when I discovered that Deramores have started stocking it. This has been difficult to get hold of in the UK and the one stockist I’d found was expensive and then, when I ordered some, proved to be unreliable. Deramores don’t carry the full colour range but maybe, if the yarn proves popular, the number of colours they carry will increase. I decided to buy some of the Echo colourway based on projects I’d seen on Ravelry as the yarn photo on Deramores does it no favours and I’m so glad I did.

I’ve been hankering after a shawl for a while. Like blankets, there’s something about shawls that appeals to me – I think I just like all the permutations that are possible for such a simple object. I also wanted one to wrap up in when I read in bed. I blow hot and cold all the time and a shawl is perfect as it’s quick and easy to remove when a hot flush hits. There are so many free patterns on Ravelry it was quite hard to choose between them.  I shall probably be making several more! I’m really pleased with the end result. I used 4 balls of yarn and have ended up with a good sized shawl – it’s 38″ long. It’s soft and warm and the colours look amazing. I snuggle up in it every night when I get into bed… then I slip it off… then I pull it back on… then I slip it off… you get the idea 😀

Stitch Sampler ShawlI’ve also been knitting. When I was scouring patterns for a shawl to make for me, I came across a pattern for a knitted shawl. I loved the look of it. I’m always a sucker for things with different stitches in. I also really liked the look of the yarn it was made up in, a yarn I’d not come across before. I decided to make this for my sister’s birthday and ordered some mille colori in baby blue/mauve. In spite of the name, there is nothing childish about this yarn, the colours are subtle  – blue, purple, grey and brown. This yarn is so soft, I know that I’ll be ordering more to make something for myself. It’s thick and squishy and impossible to stop stroking! This is more of a wrap, being an oblong shape, and I hope it will be something she can use on cool evenings in the spring/summer instead of a cardigan.

I actually boobed a bit with this. I got to the end and really liked it, but thought that I’d maybe prefer it with moss stitch in the centre panel instead of the rib. Then I took another look at the pattern and realised that I’d read it wrong – that centre strip should be moss stitch! If it looked awful with the rib, I’d frog it and do it again, but it works as a rib section. The finished wrap is 58″ x 15″ and may expand a little once I’ve blocked it. It’s actually been difficult to get a decent photo. The light is so dreadful at this time of year and it’s hard to do the colours justice. I do hope she likes it.

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