Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf

Artfully Simple Infinity ScarfWith all the time and effort that’s required to make a blanket, it makes a refreshing change to make something quick and simple. Almost instant gratification. I bought some Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable months ago. At the time there was nowhere in the UK that sold it (although Deramores recently started stocking a few of the colours) so I ordered my 3 balls from the US. I have taken it out often, looked at it, stroked it, then put it away again. It was almost too nice to use. I dithered for a long time over what to make out of it. I wanted to be absolutely certain that not only would my project be gorgeous but that it really would use only 1 ball, as my balls were 3 different colours. Running out shortly before the end is a common problem for me as my tension is on the loose side.

The Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf was perfect. I could see from the project pages in Ravelry that a lot of people has made it with Unforgettable and it came out looking gorgeous every single time, regardless of what colour was used. What cinched it is how flexible the pattern is. You can keep going until you run out of yarn or decide your project is big enough. I was a little uncertain about using a 6.5mm hook, I considered going down a size. I needn’t have worried it made up beautifully. I made this on Christmas Day afternoon. It was a good way to keep from slipping into a food coma; demanding enough to keep me awake, but not complicated at all – oddly soothing, in fact. This only took a few hours to make. I did about 20 rounds then stopped as I wanted to make sure I had enough yarn to make the little button tie. Once I’d bought the button, the tie took about 5 minutes. I found the written instructions a little confusing, finding it hard to visualise what was required, but there’s also a video on the pattern page. Once I’d watched that, all became clear 🙂

It’s my mum’s birthday on 3rd Jan and this will be her birthday present. It’s so soft and not at all scratchy. I think I’ll have to make myself one.

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