So Near, And Yet…

I have 2 WIPs that are about 10 minutes from being finished but I can’t get on with either of them.

Cowl-Necked PonchoThe first is my poncho. I love the ribbed cowl; it’s so thick and squishy. I found all those post stitches hard work. I could really feel it in my elbow and shoulder and had to stop every 2 or 3 rounds to take a break. I was a bit worried that I’d pay the following day, but I dosed myself up with ibuprofen before bed and my arm didn’t feel too bad at all. If I did this again, I’d probably work the neck over 2 days. I’m not entirely happy with my colour placement in the main section. I’ve done more granny stripes than the pattern as I’m going to put a border on it instead of a fringe. I was trying to follow the colour placement of the original pattern but have managed to end up with 2 very distinct bands. Not what I was hoping to achieve at all 😦 Having said that, it feels thick and warm and I will wear it. I have managed to run out of navy blue on the very last round of the border. As soon as my solitary ball of wool turns up I can get on and finish it.

Artfully Simple Infinity ScarfThe other project I’ve stalled on is a scarf for my mum’s birthday. I had a single ball of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in the Parrot colorway and this seemed a great way to use it. It’s a free pattern from Moggly: Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf. Yes, it is incredibly simple and makes up very quickly. I made this on Christmas Day while trying to resist slipping into a food coma 🙂 The only thing left to do is make the button-tie, but for that I need a button. I had plans to nip out to my LYS today as they sell lots of buttons, but it snowed quite heavily here yesterday and the side roads are horrible. I don’t know if I can face getting the car out. Maybe Monday.

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