My Crochet To-Do List

I reckon I have easily enough yarn to keep my busy in 2015. Some I only have tentative plans for, but most of it has already been assigned to a project, in my head at least. I won’t necessarily be making these in the list order, and at least 3 are CAL’s, so will be ongoing through the year.

Giant Granny Square Blanket – for Jamie. I’m using Vanna’s Choice in Cranberry, Mustard, Honey and Terracotta.

Giant Granny Square Blanket – for Ewan. I’ll be using Vannas’s Choice in Sapphire, Dusty Blue, Taupe and Beige.

Wendy Blanket – for Mum. I’ll be using Stylecraft Special DK in blues and greens.

Cowl-Necked Poncho – for me. I’ve ordered Drops Nepal with nay blue as my main colour, then 10 other colours for the stripes.

Scrapghan – I’ve already accumulated quite a collection of Stylecraft Special DK oddments. I’d like to use them all in a blanket. Maybe something as simple as a granny square blanket, although I’m leaning towards using some of Jan Eaton’s blocks. I particularly like her Willow block

CCC 2015 CAL – I haven’t decided what I’ll do with this when it’s done. I already have most of the yarn I’ll need, but have ordered a couple of other colours. I’ll be making this in Stylecraft Life DK, a wool/acrylic mix. I’m hoping to achieve a cottage garden effect.

Moogly 2015 CAL – I’ll be making this in Stylecraft Special Aran with wool. I’ve chosen, Charcoal, Aran, Wild Rose and Garnet as my colours.

Block A Month CAL – I lurked in the forum for the tail end of the 2014 CAL and considered starting late, but it would have been a rush to get all the squares done. Hopefully, being in at the start means I’ll be able to keep up.

Road Trip Scarf – for Jamie. I already have the yarn for this (Caron Simply Soft), I just need to crack on and do it!

I also want to have a crack at some of Frank O’Randle’s designs. I bought the Rings of Change pattern when it was released, but am holding out for his Depths of Change to be released. I adore the shape. I have it in mind to do it in graduated blues using Stylecraft Special Aran. I’ve also volunteered to be a tester for the Blocks of Change that he’s currently designing. The first few blocks look fabulous, I can’t wait to see the rest.

I also need to finish my Mystery Afghan CAL. I’m so far behind, it’s no longer a mystery, but the completed afghan is lovely.

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