Wool Frenzy

David asked me what I wanted for Christmas. The answer was easy – vouchers for Wool Warehouse. He expressed concern that the vouchers were only valid for 12 months. Would I be able to spend £100 on wool in that time? I did laugh! Well, I did once he’d left the room. I actually managed to keep a straight face and assure him, that I probably could. I blew the first £50 voucher last night. Some of it went on wool for the Giant Granny Square blankets I’m making for the kids. I’ve started Jamie’s and completed the first square, then weighed my wool. I realised that I need another ball in 3 of the 4 colours, which means I will need the same for Ewan’s. So, I’ve ordered them. I wanted to make something for myself. I’ve had my eye on the poncho Lucy is making for a while. When I saw the end result, I really liked the changes Lucy had made, so went ahead and ordered the wool for it. Mine will be navy blue with coloured stripes. I don’t have Lucy’s eye for colour, so I may end up looking like an explosion in a paint factory!

I was going to save the other voucher for a while. Yeah, yeah… I’m on a road to hell with good intentions all around me. Two CALs were announced today. The first will be run by the Facebook crochet group I’m in (CCC). It will feature Sophie’s Garden in the centre, then some kind of sampler all around it. I actually had most of the wool I needed for this, as I’d ordered some for the 2014 CAL but never really got going with it. I’ve just added another shade of green and a pink and a purple as I’d really like to capture a cottage garden colour effect. The second CAL is the Moogly 2015 CAL. In recent months, I’ve followed the progress of the 2014 one, but like the CCC CAL, it felt too much like hard work to get caught up. Doing 1 square a fortnight right from the start is a different proposition though. I do have some of the second voucher left… a whole £1.77 😉

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