Autumnal Ripple

Autumnal Ripple

Completed Autumnal Ripple

I have finally finished the first blanket I ever started, although I have made a couple of others in the meantime. When I started making this, I’d planned on including more colours. I wanted some blue in there and picked what I thought was quite a subdued shade of blue. It turned out to be more like a kingfisher blue, which actually looked quite green, like teal, in some lights. I initially thought it would work. When I placed it next to the other skeins, it looked fine but once I started to make up the blanket, the blue totally dominated, even when placed between the strong orange and red. So, I frogged it and started again. I’d also initially included cream, too. I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t adding anything and when I decided to continue without the blue, I left out the cream too.



Originally, this was planned as a throw, to cover the faded chair in our bedroom (and it still might get used for that), but when I restarted I made it wide enough to cover our bed. At the time, the reasoning was that David sometimes felt cold in bed when I was on nights and I sometimes felt cold in bed during the day. About a week after I restarted it I found out I was being made redundant! Such is life. I am pleased with it. I ended up spending a lot more on yarn that I’d anticipated and if, at the start, I’d realised how much it was going to cost, I’d have used a much cheaper yarn.

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