Wool Frenzy

David asked me what I wanted for Christmas. The answer was easy - vouchers for Wool Warehouse. He expressed concern that the vouchers were only valid for 12 months. Would I be able to spend £100 on wool in that time? I did laugh! Well, I did once he'd left the room. I actually managed … Continue reading Wool Frenzy

Cosy Blanket

As soon as I saw Lucy's colour scheme for her latest blanket, which she previewed on Ravelry back in October, I was besotted. I adored the colours (yes, I'm always a sucker for autumnal colours) and knew that I wanted to make this blanket for myself. As soon as the packs were available on Wool … Continue reading Cosy Blanket

Autumnal Ripple

I have finally finished the first blanket I ever started, although I have made a couple of others in the meantime. When I started making this, I'd planned on including more colours. I wanted some blue in there and picked what I thought was quite a subdued shade of blue. It turned out to be more … Continue reading Autumnal Ripple