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Project Bag

Project Bag

Isn’t it beautiful? I was looking on Etsy for a little project bag and fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it. This was made by PapaDon, who has some gorgeous bags in his Etsy shop. I’ve always had a weakness for turquoise and orange and the design looks like knitting needles, so it’s perfect. It’s just the perfect size for a couple of balls of wool and my knitting. There’s a little pocket inside too, for stashing my scissors.

My affection for turquoise and orange goes back a long way. When I started school, my mum made me a couple of tabard-type pinnies for doing ‘art’ in. I actually hated doing art in them. I loved them so much, I didn’t want to get paint or glue on them! They were both made from the same fabric; a white background with a tiny blue and peach sprig scattered over it. One pinny had turquoise bias binding all around the edge, the other had bright orange. I can vividly remember being asked at school what my favourite colour was. I would only have been 3 or 4 at the time, and I can remember being very puzzled at the very idea you could have a favourite colour; I loved them all. Then I felt slightly anxious at the implication I should have a favourite colour. I had been remiss in some way. I thought about my beautiful pinnies, with their bright edging, and announced that I had two favourite colours: blue and orange. After all, if having one favourite colour was good and desirable, necessary even, then having two had to be better, right? These days, I would say that have a particular weakness for autumn colours; deep reds and oranges, gold, brown… something about them particularly pleases me.

Looking back, I’m amazed at how much my mum sewed for us when we were small. She didn’t have a sewing machine; it was all done by hand. She had rheumatic fever when she was 13 and spent 3 months in bed as it affected her legs. She seems to have spent most of that time sewing and embroidering. I broke my arm when I was 5, near the shoulder. I was thrilled; I was the only kid in my class to have ever had a full-length pot and I had a proper collar-and-cuff sling. As it was impossible to get anything on over the pot, mum whipped up half a dozen little dresses with very wide sleeves that buttoned all the way up at the back. Not only had she made the dresses, but she edged all the sleeves, necklines and hems with ric rac. I loved them and was sad to grow out of them.

I’ve never really sewed, although I’ve wanted to. I did buy a sewing machine years ago and did some easy things, like curtains, but it never had much use and went to the big skip in the sky when our cellar flooded in 2007. I’ve occasionally thought of doing a class, but with working shifts, it’s impossible to commit myself to a particular day of the week. However, when I was researching local wool shops I found one in nearby Maltby that not only sells knitting and sewing supplies, they also do workshops. More importantly, they do flexible workshops and a lot of one day workshops. I’d really like to do a basic sewing one and also a patchwork one. I can sew in a straight line, but have never done anything like put in a zip. So, I got a little ahead of myself and bought a sewing machine *cough* It’s pretty basic and only for lighter fabrics, but it should be perfect for the kind of sewing I’d like to do. And it was cheap. Cheap is good!

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