needle caseThe needle case I’d ordered off Etsy arrived yesterday, and I’m thrilled with it. I love the chickens and I love the bright yellow background. I smile every time I look at it. I have just spent a happy hour rummaging through my old knitting basket and sorting all my needles according to size.

I must have almost a dozen pairs each of 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles, as well as several pairs each of 3mm and 4 mm needles. I think that, for years, every time I started a new project, I couldn’t remember what size needles I had at home, so bought another pair. I particularly love the large see-through pocket. I always hated rummaging around at the bottom of the basket for the row counters, stitch holders and needle protectors I knew were there but could never put my hand to without taking everything out of the basket.

I  came across a bag of squares that I started knitting for a throw. I’m not sure I can be bothered to finish the throw (although that will leave be with 1600g of DK cotton, if I don’t). I have 43 squares and think I could get 2 large cushion covers out of them. We’ll see… if I find the pattern for the throw, I might finish it.

I also came across a huge ball of aran (I think), attached to half of the back of an aran sweater, which has now been unravelled. The band for the wool is long gone so I have no idea if it’s wool or acrylic or how much of it there is; I’m going to have to weigh it. The wool is quite a dark blue with a brown fleck in it and looked quite nice knitted up. More cushion covers, I think!The sweater was on 4.5mm needles so probably aran wool as I often go a size smaller than the pattern says because my knitting tension can be a bit loose. Years ago, I knitted a sweater and got all the back done and realised that it almost came down to my knees; I decided that I liked it like that and knitted the front to match, then did the sleeves on smaller needles. I wore that sweater every winter for years, it was brilliant!

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