Bits & Pieces

The really nice thing about de-cluttering is that you can buy new clutter! Well, no, not really. I have been thinking about our windowsills though. We live in a very old house. Over 400 years ago it was Bramley Hall and in the early 1900s it was a bit of a ruin until it was bought by a builder who converted it into 5 houses. All of the period features were ripped out, but what we do have (apart from fantastic beams in the attic) is walls that are 30 inches thick. This means we have wonderful deep windowsills. What’s not so wonderful is that we all tend to dump things on the windowsills – usually things we don’t know what to do with. On Sunday I tackled the windowsill in our bedroom, which was piled high with junk, and I’ve decided that a good way to keep them clutter-free would be to buy some nice knicknacks to put on there instead.



I had to go into the sorting office in Rotherham today to collect a couple of parcels and as I headed back to the car, I noticed a little shop. A sort of cross between an antique shop and a junk shop. Lots of vintage crocks and pots and all manner of stuff. A real Aladdin’s cave. The first vase that caught my eye turned out to be a Moorcroft vase, and way beyond my budget (although looking at the prices of the new ones, it was probably a bargain!) but when I finished drooling, I noticed this one in the cabinet next to it. The price was much more manageable.


Brass Box

Brass Box

I also spotted this little brass box. As one of the little decorative pieces has been lost off the top, they only wanted £4 for it. They both look really nice on the windowsill 🙂

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