I Think It Might Be Contagious

I’ve always wanted to make an afghan and Ewan’s seen me looking at stitch patterns and asked for one for his room. I’ve spent the last week devouring patterns and designs on Pinterest and Ravelry. The possibilities are endless and I love to go on Ravelry, lookup a pattern and then see the associated projects; it always blows my mind how varied the results are. In the end, I’ve settled for this hexagon design from Lucy at Attic24, mainly because the instructions are so easy to follow. I did a test run with some old yarn I had and it came out beautifully.

Hexagon Afghan Colours

Hexagon Afghan Colours

I was so chuffed, I wanted to get the yarn right away so headed to my local yarn shop in Maltby and loaded up. He wants something that uses the same colours as his duvet cover so this is what I picked out. The woman in the shop said it’s a yarn they always carry so if (when?) I need more, they will have it. The nice think about working patches is not having to worry about dye lots.

Aghan Colour Plan

Aghan Colour Plan

I’d been having a hard time deciding how to use the colours I had in mind when I was planning his afghan. I came across a brilliant site that has a tool for generating random patterns. The Granny Square Color Pattern Generator is a fantastic tool and, if you log in, you can save your generated design (note: you must sign in before you enter all your colours and generate your pattern.) Doesn’t it look gorgeous? I’m determined to finish Jamie’s scarf before I start on Ewan’s afghan but I couldn’t resist making a couple of hexagon’s, just to see how they make up. It should certainly keep me busy for the next few months. I did suggest that Ewan learn to crochet so that he could make his own, but he’s too cool to knit or crochet! When I pointed out that his Dad can knit (and is very good at Fair Isle knitting, something I struggle with), he pointed out that his Dad is old.

Jamie also wants an afghan for his room and I was mildly surprised when the same suggestion was met with enthusiasm. albeit a lack of confidence. We ended up having a long session on design and ended up back at Attic24 and he settled on the Granny Stripe blanket. We’re going to have a test run with some old wool and, if he gets along with it, will order the yarn later in the week. He spends most of his evenings on Skype chatting with his girlfriend so it will give him something to do with his hands 🙂

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