He’s Been!

No, not him. Although it is like Christmas round here. The postman’s been and brought these.

Stitch markers

Gorgeous stitch markers and row markers.

Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers

Aren’t they gorgeous? I was in dire need of the row markers as I’ve started knitting a scarf for Jamie and its knitted in the round. Until these arrived I’d been using a broken zip!



Hufflepuff Scarf

Hufflepuff Scarf

This will be a Hogwarts scarf in Hufflepuff colours. He was after one when we visited the Harry Potter Studio for Ewan’s birthday, but the prices (for everything) were through the roof. The tour of the studios was fantastic and we all enjoyed it but the shop just felt like a huge rip off. When Jamie started eyeing up the scarves, I nearly had a fit when I saw the price. I rashly offered to make him one and now have to put my money where my mouth is. It’s actually quite nice to knit as it’s knitted in the round so I can just mindlessly knit, knit, knit. I just have to keep track of the number of rows I’ve done.

Crochet hooks

Crochet hooks

The postman also brought the crochet hooks I’d ordered from Amazon. These are so comfortable to hold and the colours are so pretty and come in a handy case to keep them in. Who can resist a case?







Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable

While I was drooling over my newly arrived pretties, there was another knock at the door and the wool I’d ordered arrived. This is the wool I will use for the Broomstick Lace Infinity Scarf. I had to order the yarn from the US as the only place you seem to be able to get it in the UK is on eBay and it’s expensive. It’s pretty cheap in the US and the shipping charge was the same for three balls as for one.  I think I’ll make one for me (the red/burgundy) and make the other two as gifts.



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