I Bought A Loom!

I've looked lovingly at woven projects for a long time. Weaving looked interesting, but didn't feel like something that was particularly accessible to me. I had an image in my head of huge looms that took up lots of space, and cost as much as a small car to buy. I was actually looking for … Continue reading I Bought A Loom!

Shingle Hat

It's only taken me a year, but I've published another pattern. I'd like to introduce the Shingle Hat. I'm offering a 20% discount until the end of August; the discount is applied automatically, no need for a discount code. The sample in the photo was knit in Sinaya DK from Third Vault Yarns. The pattern … Continue reading Shingle Hat

Eastern Purl

Many years ago, back when the world was young, I learned to purl. I was thrilled; I hated garter stitch! I didn't want to do that lumpy, bumpy knitting. I wanted to do the nice smooth knitting like my Mum did. Grown up knitting. Except my stocking stitch never looked quite right. Then I worked … Continue reading Eastern Purl

Chasing Waves

Does one knitting pattern a designer make? I'd hesitate to call myself a designer, but I have published a knitting pattern on Ravelry, Chasing Waves. I released it on Saturday morning and almost fell off my chair when the first sale notification came through in less than an hour. I was glued to my PC for … Continue reading Chasing Waves